wish u were here……….words of miss lovelorn


yes…. the time has come when i should finally accept that i wish u were here…. i wish we were still together…

i was thinkin about all the things that i have lost( u knw i think a lot). and the first thing taht came to my mind was you.. we have spent good times together. fought all the hard times together and suddenly today found a thought that struck my mind and said that i need u. i don’t knw what’s wrong between us… everything was going just fine. then what is the reason that communication stops all of a sudden and all my attempts of making the voices mingle, go waste. then again, out of the blue, when we both are ill at ease, a situation makes us meet and then all the thoughts of love and a happy existence come rushing to my mind like water out of a gorge…. why is it that i am left empty when i tell u about how i feel for u.

i knw that life has separated our paths, but they do collide at times.  i wish that the next collision is after a long break and taht too forever. i really want some time out of you to devote to my studies and my goals. u knw u have charmed me like a magic spell. whenever i saw u, i could feel my heart melt and my emotions just going crazy at ur sight. every voice made me feel taht u were coming. evry guy seemed to be somnewhat like u. every girl seemed to be jealous of me for having you. and the world had never been such a happy place to live in…

now that i m without u.. it feels as if i lost everything when i lost u. no love songs tickle my heart anymore, the rains do not seem to be ur sweet kiss anymore, the silent breeze is no more ur hand caressing me, the sunshine is no more the joy u bring to my life.

i wish u were here, telling me how to keep calm when things were going wrong. i wish ur smile, turned all the wrongs into right. i wish ur touch would heal my soul of its blisters.  i wish that each and every moment spent with u looked like a lifetime of complete surrender to love. i wish u came to me and asked me to dance with u. but i knw these are just dreams with no reason to come true…

but if i could only tell u what has life been all these years and how have i felt till date, ever since i met u, i would always speak the three magical words ” I LOVE U”.  n this love is for eternity…..


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