this is a small fragement from one of my incomplete scripts…. two childhood buddies meet after years and thy r chattin about their aspiratons in love…. this is the girls narration……..

girl : Nothing special to talk about. Life is going as it should go…. Full of all crap. I don’t know what’s going on.                                         boy : Don’t worry sweetheart… there’s nothing to be so worried. Why do you blame yourself? You didn’t commit any mistake. Whatever you did, u were best at it and there is no reason why you should think that you are inferior to anybody. What do you think? Some other girls are more attractive than you. Your friends are not trustworthy. Your life is on rocks. You don’t have anybody to talk to. You want to cry your heart out but there is nothing that could amuse you or make you cry. You think that people use you as a stepping stone.                                                                            Let all of those people go to hell. Even if you think that someone else is more pretty, don’t believe in them. Just believe in yourself. They have got nothing more than a charming face, but you’ve got everything. So you definitly deserve a guy who can match your potential. Those stupid guys who can run behind any girl shouldn’t bother you. And those girls who pretend to be a ‘one man woman’ and who give themselves airs when a boy wants to get involved with them…. Well, they are USBs… nothing more than that. Everybody thinks that you are respectable and need someone serious. Then why should they propose you and break your heart. Someone said that you are not a girlfriend material, but you will surely be a good wife. To hell with her. Who is she to tell u what u are. u know urself better than  she knows u.

girl :  I don’t know how many times in the past few days, I have felt an urge to be loved. I want a boy to love me. I want him to hold my hand tight and tell me that I am the one. I want to lie in his arms and cry or speak everything that was buried deep in my heart or simply keep quiet and close my eyes, listening to his heartbeats and his deep breath. I want to feel that warmth and love and hold him tighter till the time I can’t move any further. I would stay there for some time and he would feel as if we two are alone in that forlorn place and maybe this is the right time to let the emotions flow. He would losen his grip on me. I would look up into his eyes and after a brief eye contact and a little hesitation, our lips would touch each other. We would like that and then we would want more. And when that grip tightens again we get closer like never before. He then goes on to kiss my cheeks, my neck and then below the neck. I get all excited and wild. Then I give him the same intimate treatment with my lips. Now we can’t help going out of our limits. He keeps on smacking my lips. I am smothered by those kisses. He goes out of breath. Still we go on. His hands touch my back, rub against my waist and thighs. I surrender to him. Stop my half-hearted efforts to make him stay away and enjoy being a part of him. We sweat like hell as it was too hot to handle. The grip losens again. We finally take a breath. But, that was not all, as he gave me a number of small kisses all over my face and neck. I didn’t want to open my eyes coz I was scared it was a dream and will get over as soon as open my eyes. But, he finally gained the courage to open his eyes. He wanted to see me in that ecstatic state… when eyelashes touched my face as his face rubbed against mine. I opened my eyes and saw him. Another weird sensation ran through me. I am not able to define that feeling. For the first time in my life I did something without thinking if it was good or bad. I never thought about the conseqences. Nor was I concerned about the next moment. It was very good. It was all that I wanted. My dreams had come true. I was blushing and I couldn’t carry so many emotions altogether. His eyes were so full of love that I started forgetting myself. I threw my entire being into it. I again buried my head into his chest as he smiled and said “I LOVE YOU”. I didn’t feel insecure anymore. I knew I was in safe hands and he knew that his search for true love had finally ended.                            Was it just a dream? I actually felt all those things. With open eyes I saw it all. No, I think I imagine too much. It was nothing serious….
boy : well my dream is…..[will publish the guy’s story soon]


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