the have not list……….

all the things that we possess and all that we don’t fit into two different list… the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’…
all that we will talk about is the different powers and the impact these things have on our life.
its is very important to note that human nature always despises what it has and runs after what he does not have.
while i ponder over our life and listen to the experiences of the people around me, i take notice what the incomplete, the unheard, the unsaid, the undone has made out of them…
we may look back to our own experience and see. u may not have a love, and u may still succeed. u may not have a friend and u learn how to live life on your own, u may not have said or done something to someone, whether good bad and see, how well do u remember that person. u may not have told your parents how much you love them and see how much you miss them. u may not have heard the magical voice of ur beloved, and see how strong or stoned have u become over the years.
if u had just sensed that u were breaking a poor heart, would u still have done that?
if u had just thought that things could have gone the other way round, would u still have changed ur path?
if u had just noticed how much the people close to u need u, would u still not have given them time?
things that cudnt happen, pinch u every single moment u live. so always try to do whatever u feel like, speak those words, hear those voices, do that kind deed, it may make ur life worthwhile…


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