The Gift

the gift still lies in my cupboard, beneath all those clothes,
those clothes perfumed with your love..
a shirt i chose with care, a card on which i wrote love songs, a chocolate very sweet,
yet  not sweeter than your love…..
i had planned a sumptuous meal, with no candles but the moonlight,
i should have known it was no moon day, no moon day without you my love…..
Oh! what dress i chose for me, that made me look divine,
i felt good, i felt fine, i felt fine with your love……
when all was ready, when the flowers were fresh and sweet,
i thought i could finally affect you, affect you with all my love…..
and i kept awake all night, that gift didn’t let me sleep,
it didn’t let me sleep, my love….
morning came, with a cold breeze, it tickled my senses,
yes it tickled my senses, with all your love…..
was happy by the idea that i will see you after so long, was jumping with joy as i felt the sky,
i felt the sky, in your love…
the breeze didn’t stop and i kept waiting all day long, you didn’t come and i felt so cold,
I felt so cold that night, without you my love….
no tears in my eyes, they were blinded by the endless wait, i was broken into pieces,
my dreams shattered into pieces, the dream to be your love…..
that gift reminds of all there was, of all that could have been, of the place that i belong,
belong with your love…..
it takes a lot to be strong, to face that rejection by someone you love,
by someone you love, with all your love…
i gave you all, you don’t want it you say, but i know you need it,
i know you need me, my love…
i know your pain, you don’t share it with me, i know you dream of a life with me,
a life with me, my love…
don’t bother about the world, come back to me, my arms are here to save you from them,
to save you from the uncaring world my love….
gone you are, gone away from me, i wish i had known how to love in boundaries,
i wish i had known i cannot be, i cannot be your love……..
i will always be around you, even though you don’t need me, you are always there in my silent prayers,
in those countless silent prayers my love….
and the gift still lies in my cupboard, it belongs to you, i won’t touch it, but i can’t keep it,
i just can’t keep it with me anymore my love…….


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