A Modern Guy.

He is a modern guy….

He studies, he roams around with his friends, he likes to flirt with girls, he dreams of a wonderful girl to enter his life someday. He aims to get an engineering degree. He wishes to hold a position in a top shot multi-national corporation. He is a good son, a good brother and he used to be a good… no… a best friend to a girl.

His teenage was now in full force. The guy who used to live with his family in town, shifted to the big city for higher studies. He was close to that girl now. The 300 miles reduced to only 30. They came closer and the relationship between them grew deeper. They shared their fears, their aspirations and their ambitions. They were the keepers of each other’s darkest secrets and the witness of their rosiest feelings.

But who knows how his mind works? One day a thought crept into his mind. If a girl and a guy can share everything, then why can’t they share the first physical pleasure. Why can they not be friends and mortal lovers. He was scared of a relationship and the aftereffects of his acts. However, it did not stop him from thinking. The frank talks of the girl and their frequent discussions on that intimate topic were only igniting the fire within him.

Then one day he told her his feelings. What’s the harm in being friends and more than friends with no strings attached. What a wonderful relation would that be? No fuss of the relationship and still getting the best. He was confused. He had no clue what to say and what to do. He didn’t even know where to start the conversation from. He was trying to give notorious gestures. Nothing was really happening and the talks were going nowhere. The gestures continues and the girl soon realized what was about to happen. She knew it will happen one day or the other. So she revised her speech in her heart again and started to speak what was in her mind.

She told him that she didn’t like him the way that he used to like her. All that he could listen to was that the girl called him a dear friend, a sacred soul mate but certainly not the one to become the love of her life, nor even the lover for one moonlit night. There is a big difference between love and friendship. Can we not be friends? All that he could realize was that the girl was not really going to give him what he wanted. She was scared of the results and she thought that it is better to stay as they are.

Still she promised him a union of the lips because she could not see the disappointed face of her beloved friend. She thought that let it happen for once. Make him happy for a moment. Alas! It didn’t happen. She could never gather the strength to face it. She could not kiss him. She would not do it. A union without affection was meaningless to her and unlike the usual girl in the movies, she did not give her heart to her one sided lover… oops friend. She told him, lets not talk till you are back to your college. Maybe a small gap will be able to diminish the differences between us. He said ‘NO’. “you are very special to me and I can never even think of doing that”.

He knew that it was useless now. But he could not deny her decision altogether. They continued their friendship. But this time, each of his words was filled with silent insults. She could feel it. She knew the reason and tried her best to avoid it. Until one fine day when he met her again. He tried to bring the topic back and she tried to explain things in a better way. However, nothing changed. It was only the insults that vanished. Again, she told him, lets not talk till you are back to your college. Maybe a small gap will be able to diminish the differences between us. He said ‘NO’. “you are very special to me and I can never even think of doing that”.

He had to get something from her. Something. It can be anything. Anything that you may like. Mmhhhh…. Lets say, a book. He had to get a book from her. He never talked about that incident again. She was happy that things are fine. He was back to normal. She was back to her sparkling smile. Everything was going so fine. He met her again. He asked for the book and she gave it to him. He took it and went away, smiling. No regrets.

Two days passed and they hardly had a talk. He was very very busy. She sent him a message. He finally replied. She was very upset because of the circumstances she was facing in her life. She was annoyed and depressed. She was feeling very relaxed on seeing his reply and her heart filled with love for him. She tried to pour it out. She told him that he was very special. He again replied to her text, “lets not talk till I am back to my college…….”

He is a modern guy………..


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  1. karthik says:

    hi neha wen i reading this one im trying to guess wat the end is i thought i was succeed finally im not a good one keep writing.

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