everybody needs somebody….

yeah, its true. everybody needs somebody. no matter who we are, where do we live, what age we are and what conditions we are living in, we just need somebody.

who could that somebody be? anyone. anyone who can understand what we mean and what we say. anyone who knows that we are allergic to peanut butter and love to eat pancakes. anyone, just anyone, with whom we can talk all night long. one who can listen and not judge, one who can speak and not scold, one who can be all that we want. the one, to whom you don’t have to tell that you are unwell. he/she would detect that little cracking in your voice and say ‘tell me whats wrong’.

phew!! its difficult being a habit to someone and a pending task to the other. its difficult at times to digest that the most wonderful text message you ever received was sent to 250 other people on the phone book. it feels like ‘useless’ to find that the person who proclaims love for you, views you as an option or a replacement to the ‘ex’.

yes, we all need somebody. no matter who. maybe a best friend or a partner. but somebody should be there. i have met many people living single lives, engaging in short term flings, getting nothing and giving nothing in return. why do they do that? they need someone. the needs that they hide in the sexual flames are crying out loud. hear us… somebody please hear us. we need to be heard.. we dont want many, we just need one… one and only one.

then i meet people who are not necessarily single. rather engaged, committed or even married. but they still look for someone. why? doesnt their partners look after them? yes they do. but the hunt is still on.

then there are those hopeless romantics. you can tell by their face. they dance to the mushy romantic numbers and stare at blank walls while listening to sad love songs. is it only the one whose shoe pinches, feeling the pain? probably not.

the point is maybe there is a lack of connection between people. the connection of the soul. how many people have you met in life with whom you have felt an instant connection? has that connection ever lasted for more than 3 meetings or did it simply fade away? have you ever been with the people who just dont ‘click’? maybe… in fact a lot of times.

but why am i writing all this? god knows. i dnt really intend to confuse you. but i am myself confused at the moment. its late in the night, yeah a lazy, crazy September night. my head feels dizzy and i am drunk… no not with alcohol. something else. lost a friend again…huh!! who cares? i am better off alone..
i dnt know…. let it be… i know i m crazy…


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