hope still believes in me…

I always plan to sleep till late afternoon,

but there is something that wakes me up
right at the moment when the Sun
throws his first light on the Earth.
and when i open my eyes,
trying to sleep for those ‘5 more magical minutes’,
there is something that gets me off the bed
telling me to go ahead, the day is mine.
its a beautiful gift to keep.
you have been blessed with another day, many others are not.
you hold a wonderful instrument to utilize in the next 24 hours.
and i trust that you will make good use of it.
i guess hope still believes in me…

whatever i do, wherever i go,
she follows me like my shadow.
she walks with me, she dances with me.
but whenever i fall i see her standing tall,
asking me to get up and get going again.
whenever i stop or pause, i see her 10 paces ahead of me,
challenging me to chase her, catch her if i can.
i guess hope still believes in me…
she is the boss, keeps pushing me around
but like a doting mother,
and i never make a face or sound.
i know she is there, whenever i need
and i guess hope still believes in me…

i make plans too fast

and i give up easily
but this time its not the same
i ll keep moving
because this time i am not scared of her stern rules
this time i ll do it
because i care for her
and all that she has done for me
and i guess hope still believes in me…
i guess she will never tire,
its her vocation to shake me back to my senses
whenever i lose control
its her duty to get me back on my feet
when the ground beneath is unstable
its her faith that makes me breathe
its her joy that cheers me up
its her love that never fails to see
the bright side of a situation
its her care that makes me believe
every dark tunnel ends up with light
she has confidence and confides in me
i guess hope still believes in me..

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  1. karthik sandhi says:

    Another nice artical frm u neha good work 🙂

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