simple, plain, worth it….

choosing the people in ur life
is like going to a local supermarket…
there is glitter and glamour…
there are discount schemes
and even the most expensive items on display…
i go on buying, without thinking if i need it or not…
but i usually end up buying something very simple,
that touches my heart without any pomp or show..
without a hint of shimmer.. but plain and simple..
strong and tender..unconventionally beautiful..
and that thing stays for a lifetime..
cause it doesnt ask u to buy it,
it just sits silently waiting for you to notice..
and honestly, thats what that clicks…
coz u knw that no matter how many useless art pieces and bags full of cookies u buy,
that one thing will compensate it all… and which makes the ‘glittery’ objects worth their price… 🙂 🙂
n m still wandering in the supermarket…


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