The Fairness Cream…. WHITE

yes m watching the idiot box again. and as usual, when m not watching a cartoon or discovery, i only see the advertisements.  Please dont take me wrong. i am not against your fairness or your fairness cream(yuck!!). but why do u love being ‘WHITE’?

watch any advertisement of any cosmetic, anything.. more than the real benefits that you are supposed to get by using the product or the reason why you are buying the product, all that is focused upon is that the particular ‘cream’ has fairness elements. yes the fairness cream would remove the dryness and spots of your skin making you fair and would even leave you with an exotic fragrance strongly despised by your 3 year old daughter.
yes the love for ‘WHITE’ is back. every product, whether u apply it on your face, your body or anywhere else(???) is promising you a flawlessly fair skin. face washes make you white, soaps make you whiter, moisturizers make you whiter twice, then there is your sunscreen, your night cream, your anti-ageing cream, your body lotion, your scrub, your toner, your body wash, your face powder.. and so on.
its a long long race. a chase for ‘WHITE’… n i pity all the shampoos and ‘kali mehendi’ because they cannot even run the race, leave alone winning it. poor products..(sigh!) imagine… XYZ kali mehendi.. makes ur hair as WHITE as snow…. or the new ABC shampoo with titanium compounds… for shiny and silky smooth WHITE hair.

wow!!! i wish dog products were the same. my dog is white and i want to make him whiter. as WHITE as the shirt i see in the advertisements of RIN and ARIEL washed 30 times, as they say. i wonder what those polar bears use. do they have some sort of secret animal fairness products factory hidden from the human eye??? where is the I-phone ‘white’ hue produced? do they also make some whiteness face pack?
may the love for WHITE grow and glow so that we may see more foreign beauties in bollywood and Big Boss. may it grow so huge that every next movie or tv program in India turn out to be a copy of a hollywood movie or show. may we all grow as white as the white witch in the Chronicles of Narnia.
In the end, my salute to all the Whiteness or fairness elements in all the cosmetics that we use on our skin and also to ‘tinted’ Kajol who appears thoroughly airbrushed and WHITE in any OLAY advertisement.

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