Free birds and a cage

everybody needs somebody. i meet a lot of men in daily life. maybe because my occupation makes me do so. i meet men who are intelligent, creative and positively ‘men of substance’.  they walk in style, they talk in style, they wear those branded clothes, speak with an accent, are talented and know all about making a woman laugh through all those manuals and self help books for men that tell them how to catch the right bird.
each and everything about them makes me believe that there could not be a better man. each and everything makes me believe, either that men i like are not extinct or that ‘men’ are actually a rare species… endangered, on the brink of extension.
but, one thing that bothers me a little, i have this little itch to try and hear the unsaid and finding hidden meaning in words. I hear voices….that voice of a man who socializes a lot, keeps in touch with a hell lotta people but somewhere he feels lonely. is there really an empty space?
why do u pretend? real life is not like the articles u read in men’s magazines that tell you what women want. real life is not a race where your only motive to live is to plant ur sperms in as many women as possible. i knw that u have had  a good education, i knw ur life has been rather intresting, i knw that u hve a high paying job with a fancy position in the company, i knw u r womanizer( really???)

so why do u shout out these things, as loud as u can? who do u want to listen? why do u need to prove urself at every single thing? why do u explain the reason behind every casual remark u make? why do u say what lies there in ur heart followed by ‘just kidding, dnt take it seriously’?  do u want love? are u really ready to go to any limits to get ur love? is this what u r doing to make people (and women to be specific) believe that u r wanted? is this who u really are?
U always say u r a free bird… but are u?
i guess there is a series of failed relationships(with whoever or whatever the relation is). i guess there is a want to be understood, heard and shared. do u want somebody to listen to you, without judging you or giving you stupid, useless suggestions that u know won’t work out.
do u want someone to keep calling you, texting you the whole day long, even when u don’t want her to? but u still abide. it just reminds u that u r not alone. she cares n she loves u. do u want to come home to lose urself in her warmth? smell the delicious food that she has cooked for u and then engage in long hours of passionate, sensuous love making? yeah, its love making, its not mere sex. its something else, something more enjoyable, something more satisfying.
u r a free bird, looking for a cage to spend the time of ur life.
i dont know where would u find ur cage… bt i m sure that whenever u ll find it, it ll be worth the wait, worth the time u spend without her…..
u have all rights to laugh over this…

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