what women want

i want to sleep in your arms tonight,
i want to feel the warmth of your love tonight,
i want to make me feel that i am desired,
i want to feel needed tonight….

i want to fly in ether,
swim on high emotional tides,
laugh as you tickle my body,
and then cry as much as i can,
and wipe my tears with your shirt.

i want to feel like a woman tonight,
i want to tease you, play with your desires,
i want you to sing songs in my laurels,
i want you to recite poems for me,
i want to be gifted roses tonight,
i want to shower in love tonight…

i want to be held in strong arms tonight,
i want to be told that i look like beauty personified,
i want to steal a moment from the dark night,
and i want to be a part of you tonight,
i never want to stray,
i somehow want to be caged tonight…

yes at first i may oppose your moves,
yes at first i will feel shy,
but dont stop loving me either way,
you know i will love you back tonight…

but dont forget i am still a little girl at heart,
i still believe in fairy tales,
no matter how much i speak of the world,
my own world lies in miracles and fantasies.

i still see romance as something divine,

i still feel there is a boy who will make me feel fine,

maybe because there is no better remedy to the sick soul,
than to find a heart that loves and unfolds,
the wonders of its love that could make me realize,
there is my perfect romance right in your eyes…. 🙂 🙂


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