Vision2020= hunger + i-pad (part 1)

It is very difficult to let people know that you are critically analysing something when you have the reputation of a perpetual rebel. So this time i will continue with my ill fame.

I don’t understand this Vision 2020 honestly. What on earth is this thing? Does this mean that while we are busy surfing the Internet, reading mails from our clientele and accessing Facebook, we would also be worried about the alternatives of LPG and petroleum products.

The latest budget gave me a part of the worries that i ll be doing in the future. Okay, the budget is the big thing, the whole nation looks forward to it. But people, we are avoiding the small pitfalls only to fall in a bigger manhole sometime later in the future. Somewhat exactly how the little earthquakes every now and then release the pressure building up under the surface of the earth.

The middle class has to surely look after its immense gain of wealth. is it in real terms? Buying a car is okay, but buying a car on loan is not so okay after all. Many many households in big cities are already under the big debt and they do not mind taking another fresh debt to fulfil another need. The problem doesn’t actually lie in the habit of perpetual debtors but in the rising demands and its conflicts of money.

All and all the market can be put to blame. We are making demands for products which we don’t need. We are spending money on items that wont make our life better anyway. We are taking loans for cars and houses that deteriorate over time and finally for the education of our children, which is not even a guarantee that they will find a satisfying job.

They ask me to invest my money and get a life insurance done. As if, dying without an insurance will make my death incomplete and leave my children helpless. Really? even buying one would do the same because at the rate at which we are exploiting our resources and the rate at which inflation is on the rise, an amount that can buy them a house today would only leave them with a small apartment downtown 20 years from now.

I am really sorry for myself as i don’t quite get the insurance, mutual fund, investing, debt thing. all i know is that yesterday i had a few demands and less money. Today, i have endless demands and endless money, though not my own.

I generally feel good about loans if they are productive. Like a loan for a Small or Medium Enterprise. Yes, this is something that will change the face of the nation. But what effect would it have on my nation if i buy an imported car and flaunt it around to my friends. in due course of time, they will do the same, for Mr. Newton says in every Physics textbook that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In the end, all the money goes to that nation with the ‘imported car’ and i am left with an asset that i cant even get repaired if i wished to, on my own.

More on the vision, in the next part. Meanwhile read ‘Paisa hamara kab hoga” here


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