Vision2020= hunger + i-pad (part 2)

So if u have read the 1st part and ‘paisa hamara kab hoga’, you must have now understood that my motto behind writing this is making consumerism a victim of blog posts.

Everything has now become corporate. you know earlier i used to go to my local grocery shop and buy household items. The usual ‘cheeni-chaipatti‘ scene. But one fine day i realised that all the desi things i was using were harming my body. So the advertisements asked me to replace the good old cheeni with some sugar free pills that taste horrible. And very recently i was thrown back with amazement when i saw the advertisement of a sugar free toothpaste(what???). Was it not just a few months back when they introduced the ‘toothpaste with namak’? Now you take away my shakkar and will soon launch a toothpaste with haldi(yes it has medicinal values, dobara mat poochna), maybe garam masala. not to forget that ‘laung wala toothpaste’ is already available.

Okay and tomorrow the navratri will begin. people like me go for a falahari fast where we don’t really eat anything but 2-3 fruits in a day to keep our machine running. Then there are some who would eat potato chips, mashed potatoes and what not… the market always keeps their desires in mind and introduces some fantastic(read weird) varieties of their products with sendha namak. Some restaurants also offer navratri thalis. मतलब अब हम भूखे भी नहीं रह सकते? And then to mention the prices of these things.

Sometimes i feel the economists should cast another glance at their theories. a rise in demand may lead to a rise in prices, supply being constant. But in our country, supply has absolutely nothing to do with the prices. It is only the demand that matters. A higher demand simply means a higher price (or at least that is what i think in non-economic terms).

Advertisements have always been a part of my blogs. There was a time when i used to surf through the television channels only to see advertisements. I don’t really remember who said this but the quote goes thus, ” a diplomat is someone who will tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip’. Hats off to whoever said this, because the advertisements are such huge examples in this case.

The market is capturing every single aspect of our lives. It tells us how to live peacefully and then also narrates our peaceful death if we only listen to them. The recent comment by Ravishankar(yeah the Art of Living guy) said that people who study in govt schools become terrorists while people who study in private schools don’t. what kind of a discrimination is this? I guess now all the babas have also entered the rat race in becoming the number one baba. and this is not possible without the corporate support. Therefore, the big time babas will now become the babas of elite groups and the common man would again be left to the disposal of ‘the great somethings’. Yes these great somethings are found in every galli mohalla and claim thus

सौतन समस्या, घर-मकान की परेशानी, नौकरी में परेशानी… निराश न हो… बाबा ग्रेट के पास आइये. २४ घंटो में समस्या का समाधान पाइए.

Basically the aam janta is always fooled in the end. they are used as mere staircases(oops i used a better word).. sorry they are used as stepping stones to success when someone achieves the success he will either lead a jan-aandolan for personal rivalries, will become a raajneta or would better go on a world tour to meet his global audience and die there in peace, so that you may weep on his death and still go to his ashram to feel the presence of baba.

Huh! this story will never end.. coming soon with more. meanwhile you can read this post i wrote on fairness creams and the likes here and let me know how gora you became


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