whats cricket gotta do with it?

enough said about advertisements. i should now be rightfully claiming the title of an advertisement critique. anyway, we have a lot of time to talk about advertisements. lets now shift our focus to something more important.


yes, now as soon as the term cricket is read, more than half of the readers will jump in excitement and the rest will make faces because i am not writing about hockey. But to be honest, i am writing about sports in general. writing Cricket was only to catch attention. yes in media schools we were taught to write catchy, attractive headlines that would make heads turns and persuade the reader to go through the story. that’s what i did. m sorry. blame my education (;p)

alright so i was talking about sports. i recently saw paan singh tomer and realised  what Indian sportsmen are like. they are just simple people doing a job and playing for their nation. they are not people who take it as a mere vocation. they play in international sports while they fight with hardships at their home and at their training sessions. they are people who fight against all odds and still come up with medals. what breaks my heart is that they are not projected as national heroes.

now they also ask me why do i not talk about cricketers when i say ‘sportsmen’? well because they are ‘cricketers’ and in this nation ‘cricketers’ is an altogether different breed from ‘sportsmen’. cricketers have to do a  hell lot of work. they have to play for their national teams, then the teams that ‘buy’ them in auctions and then they have to advertise on television, attend parties and everything else. i do not blame cricket or cricketers anyway, it is their lifestyle. it is their need.

however, i will be glad if we can pay some attention to a well deserving class of people….


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  1. ravideepvashist says:

    dear neha,i read your views on sports.i want to add that cricketers are offered lucrative jobs,even in army also,see kapil dev, dhoni and now sachin.these people earn in crores, why do they need a job.they give a damn to jobs, never attend offices, and take salary home. they are running successful businesses.on the other hand other sportsmen who bring laurels to this country are treated as class 2 citizens.they are living in hardships. these sports men deserve a decent jobs in the govt sports sector in their respective fields.they should be offered flats till their death or of spouse.that too rent free.if any other cash prize is given, that will help them enjoy their life as they deserve.we need a change in system and general mass awareness and interest in such issues. there should ne a national debate and campaign on this.

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