Open Letter- Don’t Celebrate or Don’t Kill

so today i came across a news story that was telling of an girl child who was abandoned by her parents. the story goes thus. one women gives birth to a girl and another to a boy. by the negligence of the hospital staff, the infants were exchanged. on realizing the mistake, they tried to correct it. but to their surprise, none of the couples was ready to believe that they had a girl and not a boy.

three committees were formed for the custody. while the first two conducted a blood test to identify the blood group of the baby and find her parents, the third went for a DNA test. the first two committees have come up with the results, but as both the couples are no ready to believe them two, they are waiting for the DNA report.

the boy is in the custody of one of the couples (the one whom the hospital staff claims is the original mother) and the girl is in the hospital’s nursery waiting for some care and attention from the past seven days. the DNA report will take another 40 days to declare the parents of the girl.

when you read such stuff in the morning, it clearly disgusts all your half awake senses and shakes them to a world of reality. nobody wants to accept it because we are so lost in our fake happiness. i guess we are habitual of celebrating everything, we urban people. we can celebrate anything and everything. we do not see any limits to celebration. because we are delicate people. we need reasons to deviate from the truth and live in the world of imagination. we love to live in a bubble, above the ground, but not yet into the sky.

and one fine day, the bubble breaks. unable to tolerate the weight if these fakes fantasies, it breaks. gravity brings you back to the ground and you meet the surface with great force. all your dreams shattered and all your fantasies vanished in thin air and all you are left with is the barren land of reality.

it happened with me in the morning. all delusions slowly went away and i was suddenly reminded of the numerous incidents where being a girl meant that i had to be a subordinate version of a man. i was reminded how i had to explain that i am a writer and i am a Female. i am not a poet, but a poetess because i am a Female, i am not an actor but an actress, because i am a Female, i am not a human, but a Female.

what do you think is going to happen to that girl? even if she finds her parents, will they really keep her? will they kill her or leave her as orphaned as she is today? will they not want the boy to be their child? after so much controversy and after this cruel joke by the destiny of letting them believe that they were ‘blessed’ to have procreated a ‘boy’, will they be able to accept that it was a ‘mere girl’?

my open letter is to everybody around, everybody who has ever worshiped a goddess and everybody who is a parent. how many times have you discriminated your children on the basis of their gender and then how many times when you were in trouble you did not go to some or the other goddess to ask for help?

the time will come soon when you will only be left with idols of goddesses because real girls will be gone. yes, you will still make an idol of a girl. that idol will look like a girl. maybe technological advances gives you the opportunity to make robots, female androids who look a girl again. but unfortunately none of them will be your daughter, your sister, your mother, your friend, your wife. you will be left alone.

and to the women who want baby boys, go invent a time machine and enter your mother’s womb. then do not let the chromosomes play the trick and make you a woman. be a man yourself and take birth again and imagine a life from that perspective. ask a doctor my friends, the default gender of an unborn child is always female and not male. its only some hormonal changes that makes them a male. women, if you cant respect your own selves, better not bear a girl child, because she will only be born to be killed again or to be another bearer to the stupid dogmas that say a girl is unwanted.

and to all those who don’t believe, let me tell you that i am a GIRL and i do not have to justify it every moment by telling you that i cannot fix household objects, i cannot hold a heavy weight, i cannot ride a bike, i do not understand directions, i cannot watch and understand cricket, i cannot smoke, i cannot be hell drunk when i feel like it, i cannot take care of myself and i cannot be ME without calling myself a girl.


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