Perpetual Rebel

Thy life is full of mirrors
Mirrors that may tell the truth
You don’t want to listen to it
Mirrors that tell you lies,
Mirrors that may help you fly in the skies
Mirrors that will make you fall down
Mirrors that will follow you through the town
Mirrors that help you be something
Mirrors that take will take all that you have
Mirrors that will help you be sad yet glad.
So every morning I get up,
Brush my teeth and look at the mirror
Thoroughly disheveled,
And on my face I felt
Dark circles under my eyes
again I didn’t sleep last night
Until 4, as your voice kept me awake
Haunting me in my dreams
My life ain’t as good as it seems
It was not a ‘good morning’ for sure
As u don’t want to look at an ugly ‘you’
My heart keeps telling me that its not me
‘c’mmon lil girl, its not you’
You cant be so messed up
This cant be you
A few hours later when I get dressed to go n dine
I cast a look at myself in the mirror so I look fine
My heart keeps telling me that its not me
C’mmon lil girl its not you
You cant look so perfect
This cant be you
Why on this earth do u have to dress up
So fine, because you want people to compliment
Why don’t u slip into that rugged old jeans
And a pair of slippers that look their best in your company
Everywhere I go I can see a mirror
Ready to reflect the skin I am in
And every time its different
I have seen  a thousand reflections,
But not one like me
Even my shadow changes
With the sun and the sea
I guess it’s the perpetual rebel inside me
That doesn’t let me sit in certainty
Of the person that I am
Or maybe the one that I want to be
Maybe you look at the person
That I think I ll never be
But I would still look at the mirror
Trying to find out who I am not
Maybe that ll clear the options
That ll suit me as I thought
There are a million people I can be everyday
There are million still left to be
And I know that every time the mirror
Will let me know that its not me.

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