Corner of the Road

its worthless to describe what pleasure people derive in living at peaceful places like Dehra Dun. You simply don’t have to worry about the world and its issues. you don’t care who backbites who in politics, which team wins the IPL, which celebrity is pregnant with whose child.

So at a time when spring is almost gone, summer seems too far, winters too boring and the rains only a thing in the holy skies, a melancholic philosopher gets time to get out and start thinking about this big bad world.

It is one of the afternoons that become typical at this time of the year, it is time that i go out and take a walk. the sun is playing hide and seek with me and its a wonderful game. every time i find shade, it hides, and every time i am devoid of the trees on the road, it comes out of nowhere to tell me it is a superior power and i am just a dot in the world that lives under its supremacy.

So i am walking down this rather quiet road. you can hardly see a few people trying to take a walk just like me (and some of them are quite old, which makes me wonder what age am i in reality) and a few vehicles rattling to break the monotony of silence.

while i am walking, a see a few men lying in the shade of a big tree outside a super-big house which belongs to someone who doesn’t give a damn to its existence. i see their faces content with the day’s hard work and i wonder why the hell i feel such a discomfort in my peace, where i get everything i want, not everything i need.

So while i walk ahead, i am supposed to be some girl with a good fortune, maybe a nice job, a handsome income, a family to support, a boy to love, a girl to hate and a world full of things to read about, to talk about and a bag full of problems to whine about.. what a life… near perfect.

but i guess i don’t possess it all in reality. anyway i keep walking and i think about my status. wearing a t-shirt and a pair of pajamas, same old slippers, a cell phone and for a few new currency notes in my pocket(although i didn’t carry a wallet along because i was just taking a walk, i hardly ever go out without money). my eyes are half closed, my face too seems tired(don’t expect me to put on those weird make up thingy).

and after a few moments i sit down at the corner of the road, just like that. maybe because i have come too far and i feel tired. i am looking at the world from 3 feet under and it feels way too different. people look like giants and that house right in front of me appears like a monster. i cant describe what was so peculiar about that home that made me sit and watch it for so long. but a hundred many things started running in my mind.

i start thinking how much blood, sweat, prayers and sacrifice it takes for someone to build a home. a home that is the only paradise in the world and you would do anything to save it. you can lose anything but your house. i have a hundred many dreams to build my own house one day, but it hurts to believe that before doing that, i may have to leave the house i live in right now. and i keep staring at that house deserted by the residents(correction-owners). that house is so beautiful, while mine, a house where my family lives, laughs, cries, fights is nothing in comparison.

anyway, wear and tear is only a symptom of usage. what is not used will be beautiful.

the people looking at me break my concentration and  bring me back to reality. i am sitting at the corner of the road. and i have a good haircut, clean clothes and a well fed stature. maybe i have run away from home, maybe i am thrown out, maybe….

all in all, i can recall why the commoners used to sit down on the floor in front of their kings andsahukars, thakurs and who not?

the answer is very simple, as soon as you fold your legs and sit on the floor, you look at the world from three feet under and then you become a brother of the ants working hard for today’s dinner and tomorrow’s strife.

anyway, i get up soon and walk away. the road back home is a little long. i go along taking long steps and meeting old remains of the a few good memories. so, i am home now, and for a change i am walking on pretty long heels to see if the world is still the same.. too dark right now.. will continue the experiment tomorrow.. let me sleep…


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