America, i don’t give a damn….!!!

The Middle Class Maiden is back and today a news that caught my attention was the death anniversary of Osama Bin Laden. Everybody is hit by the ‘Anniversary Virus’. We want to celebrate anniversaries whatsoever. Birth and marriage anniversaries are okay(because people throw parties and you get to enjoy), but death anniversary of Osama Bin Laden??? Did we forget Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and Kasab? Oh yes we must forget, because these people were very regional, they could not shake the foundations of the world (read as America).

Is it the celebration of the death of a man who shook the world (read as America) or is it just because news channels and the informative-educational channels have come up with some special program on his death, that i realize that there are more important issues in the world.

Honestly, when the aam janta is suffering from the ever increasing mehengai, i don’t really expect people to pay attention. Why should they do that? Will watching this special make my daily thali any cheaper? Would Obama’s visit to Afghanistan ensure good education and jobs for our children? Dis the US presidential elections make any effect on us last time when the color of their president’s skin matched with our own?

No, we need to be bothered about this. Why and how did it affect us? When will we get rid of the Maoists?
When will people fighting for reservation stop giving threats of starting another naxalite aandolan? Where is the time when a girl will feel safe and secure? Oh wait, where did the feelings come in between, she will not be brought to this world. She will be killed.

I know trade relations, international relations, the global village fad is there to occupy the minds of experts sitting on BIIIIG posts, but as for me, as for a common man on any street of any small or big town, how does it matter to us?

America will soon start another action in Uganda. Not to kill someone, but to tell people that they can kill them as well. It is all about a political propaganda, it always has been. So unless my budget doesnt meet earthquakes every month, unless my gold stays a liability on me, unless i don’t think before buying fruits and vegetables, unless i don’t feel secure, unless i feel that i too have a life to live, America, I don’t give a damn….!!!


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