Now this is a disputed topic I know. I have never met a girl or a woman who has never expressed her wish to be a man at least once in her lifetime.  But then, there are many occasions where being a woman is bliss and we women love it whatsoever. However, we do not really express it as openly as we do otherwise.
So here in this particular post I would like to focus on career. Yes, women are very serious when it comes to career and let me focus on this point again; we take this business very seriously.  You know there are women who like the IAS career very very much. In the end, who would not like to be a first grade officer and spin a district on their little finger?  And yes, there are some women who mean business when they say I want to be an IAS. Yes, even if they cannot clear the exam themselves (and just for the sake of information, there are those who don’t even try once) but get married to an IAS officer. Yes, that’s the trick. We get what we want by this way or that.
Jokes apart, the reason why I wrote this post is because I was quite amused at how a woman automatically assumes the title of her husband. What has Michelle Obama achieved personally? She managed to get the Obama name, because of which she is now officially under the microscope of the fashion police and the glamour shows and all that. Same goes with the royal(?) couple Will and Kate. Kate, once a normal girl next door is now the queen to be and obviously has assumed her responsibilities well along with a lope sided smile that only a royal can fake.

Talk about star wives, the ones that are mostly featured on Yahoo and Page3 and what not for being the official lady for the celeb husband. Now I think I have finally decoded the mystery why women always want their men to be of a higher status or rich or anything fancy. It is good for them. Simple.
But I am still unable to tell why the trick works well with money, fashion, wealth and glamour, but not with knowledge. You see the wife of an archaeologist is not supposed to be one herself. Same is the case with some engineer, or maybe a biologist or a paleontologist (don’t worry, it’s okay not to know everything).  Yeah but when you are the wife of a soldier, you are definitely a patriot. When you are the wife of a policeman ….. Well no comments. Comparing a policeman’s wife with a fauji’s wife will bear no fruits. Because no matter what, both lose their life for the nation, one is favored more than the other.
So coming back to the lighter side, I am a woman and as a clever woman I am now looking for the right profession. Don’t get worried again folks. I have a career already and I am somehow sure it will work (or maybe change the world, LOL). I am looking for a good career choice


 so I can start sorting the guys who appear as suitable grooms in the eyes of my family.  LOL again. Sorry, I can’t help this. But hey, by the time I get back with another post on why being a woman is bliss, you have time to think. The girls may sort the careers for their husbands to be and the guys may wonder if their profession will match the choice of the girl they desire. Have fun…!!!

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