The Palmist is Wrong

that palmist is right

he predicted that i have a good fortune,

i will get all material things in life,

i will get success, i will get money,

i will get fame,

yes that palmist is right.


but no, that palmist is wrong

he told me i have too many small lines on my palm

that cross each other

so i will be happy and rich

but after every few months

i will have a problem

a problem that makes me lose my senses

and tense me to the core


that palmist is wrong

its you i don’t see for months

then when i make up my mind

that last time was the ‘last time’

and wish to move on in life

happy and content that its finally over

you cross my path

at the least expected turn


the silent sea rocks in the midst of

the same old storms

my little boat again sets sails

on the roller coaster waves

again i want to look good

again i want to bring back old times

again i try to remember each time

we were together


again i have those sleepless nights

again i have those restless days

again i look at my door all day long

again i feel shy

again i smile to the walls

again i walk in heaven on the clouds

again i touch the ground

to come back to reality


are you a problem? no.

are you the source of my problems? no

are you the one whose presence kindles

the months that i have to live

without seeing you? yes


the palmist is wrong.

i know

he read those lines in ignorance

i know

those two lines that meet every time

are just you and me

who meet every time after a long pause
of silence

and i am glad that i have those lines

you have them too… don’t you?


if we can’t be together always

lets just pray these crosses work well for us

just like a drop of rain

you rejuvenate my senses

replenish my desire to love

and remind me that there is no one else

who can take your place

and if only i wait



but i am sure the palmist was wrong




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