Late Night Thoughts

a small story…. girls must read….

Late Night Thoughts when she cant sleep….. ” shall i text him? yes.
no he must be asleep.
but what if he is awake?
is he missing me too?
shall i call? will i sound too needy?
am i pushing it too hard?
what if he is talking to someone else?
what if he doesnt reply?
what if he breaks my heart?
am i worth it? is she better than me?
will he even care that i want to talk to him?
does he miss me too?
does he think about me?
how would we look together as man and wife?
what will my friends say?
will i be able to convince my parents?
how would his family treat me?
how many kids should we have?
all boys, all girls, no.. one girl and a boy..
what shall i name them?
i will sacrifice everything for him.. i ll do all i can to see him smile.. i love him….

oh leave it… i must not think so much….blah blah….”

in the end.. she is too tired with the thoughts and prefers sleep over thoughts… love is a crazy thing…

every girl has gone through this phase..i have written this for us all. we all know how those sleepless nights pass…


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