10 things that may happen if you are a Hindi Film Hero

#10- Your girlfriend would eventually turn out to be the ‘ladli’ daughter of the goons who killed your father. Aaaah… ‘dharam sankat’ and lot of emotional atyachaar awaits.
#9- Weddings mostly include some nach gaana, lots of laddoos and beautiful girls who will later become your girlfriends. Wait… what? girlfriends?
#8- It is totally acceptable if you talk explicitly about your love interest or the man/woman of your dreams with your mother. She will only smile and be supportive. Yeah, thats like a good ‘maa’.
#7- Your father-in-law is an egomaniac monster whose only concern is to get his daughter married with a ‘crorepati’ ladka. Obviously, he is rich enough to do that. Earn at least a few lakhs before you go meet the real ‘Rowdy Rathore’.
#6- You may be a sore loser in the plot but you can dream in Technicolor, write lyrics, compose music and even choreograph a full song with your love interest(including the costumes and the background dancers). Wow!! That’s an achievement.
#5- Your best friend/elder brother/soul brother/chaddi buddy is so similar to you that you both will actually fall for the same girl, together. The great fall of young boys. More ‘dharam sankat’, melodrama, tears, ,mono acting, sad songs blah blah.
#4- Remember, you are busy dancing with your dream girl unless the goons kill your friend/family member/padosi etc and the fight becomes personal. Earlier you were so not interested in all that social work.
#3- A girl can change your life. If the plot makes you a ‘gunda/tapori/bhai’ in the beginning, a girl will definitely come and turn you into a good/respectable man. At least she thinks so. Even if he leaves you and goes on to marry someone else, you will still be a good heart lover and let her go.
#2- So what if you have killed hundreds, assaulted thousands or if you are a chain smoker, drunkard or a pimp, you have your own ‘reasons’ for being so. Remember, while killing all those innocent people you still carried a heart of gold pumping hemoglobin through your veins.
AND the WINNER is………
Stop it..Rakhi Sawant can’t top my list each time.
Scroll down..
#1- Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte…. 😉 the tomboy who seems like your best friend is actually an admirer in disguise. Watch out for her. But beware, you may get punched really hard if you are wrong.

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