Why is Love Scarce?

We all have grown up listening to fairy tales, watching movies and reading books. All tell the same story of finding true love and living happily ever after, forever. More recently, we have also been experiencing a different side of love. A love that happens in minutes and fades in days that follow. A love that happens in words and not in feelings, a love that happens in phone calls and not in emotions.What is the big deal with this conflicting idea of love? Why are we all looking for love and ditching everyone who tries to love us on the way? Why do we begin but never end this search? Why can we not find satisfaction and learn to blame the other for being untruthful, dishonest and ‘not the one’? In the end, who is ‘the one’?

Well maybe we never really get to know. Our expectations are sky high and our efforts are lying six feet under the ground. We want a movie star(who obviously is a porn star on bed).We want a person who can carry the burden of our emotions and depressed feelings and our huge egos or our low self esteem. Is that why we love the good girl/boy? We know they will carry the burden. We know they will never say no to nothing. We all are aware that they will forgive our mistakes and give us one more chance, each time.

Is that why we feel ‘bored’ in relationships and seek thrill outside? Is that why we love the bad boy/girl? We know that we will get those few moments of ‘x’. I don’t really know what this ‘x’ is. All this while, i have been trying to guess why people wander and cheat, but to no avail.

Is it not too much to ask from one person? Is it not too much to make them the axis of your life and expect them to run the wheels of your existence while trying to run their own? We are really trying to shift the blame.

Love does exist. Love never fails. Love makes the world go round. Not bad. Not false. But is love scarce? Or the idea of finding that ‘one true love’ making us all bad lovers? Answers to these questions lie nowhere in particular. Love just happens. Love is spontaneous, love is omnipotent, love is omnipresent. Whoever told you to ‘look for love’ was fooling you. How can we look for love? Love is everywhere. You just need to wait for the ‘look’ in those eyes, the emotions on the face and the blush.

Love is not scarce really. We are making the chase hard. Good Luck!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sophiebowns says:

    I actually feel your pain 😦 I hope I can find ‘the one’ one day !

    1. lets hope everybody gets ‘the one’… 🙂

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