Is The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Missing in India?

I have been thinking about this ever since the thoughts of a start-up business entered my mind. Is the spirit of entrepreneurship missing in India? Why do we always want to find a job and be secure and not take a step into the unknown? Why don’t we even try?

If you belong to a middle class Indian family(like me), chances are that you are expected to complete your studies and opt for a job. Oh and if you belong to the so-called merchant-trader class, then you are simply expected to finish the studies and start handling the ‘family business’. So basically, we are simply not willing to get rid of the age old ‘varna system’ of the country. You might be in public service while your sons and daughters may move on to private service with lucrative salaries, but in the end what we do is ‘service’.

I know it is difficult to get over your ‘job’. Sometimes, it does not seem fruitful to leave your regular paycheck and opt for an adventure that can make you bankrupt. But if one in every thousand young people of India tries to think beyond the set standards of career and job opportunities, we may actually be a ‘superpower’.

What saddens me on most occasions is that an Indian mind is so fertile that it grasps each and every concept taught in detail. But, we fail to make something new. We fail to make something new out of the old knowledge we have or maybe we do not have enough resources to carry out the plans in our mind.

It is such a wonderful thing to see so many start-up projects finally coming up in India. But, with the population and the intellectual heritage we have, we still have to go a long way. There is so much more that needs to be done. It is not just the government that will create employment and money for us. It is time for us to create employment and jobs for ourselves. And why only for our own selves? We can create jobs for 5, 10 or maybe hundreds of others like us.

It is easy to score 90s in exams, get a degree and start working for a multi-national company. If India has to progress, we need to focus on the small industries, the little enterprises that spring in small cities that may together change the whole economic map of this country.

However, the question still remains. We have all the education we need, we may even get money, we have the talent and the man power. Where do we lack then? Is it a lack of initiative in us that does not let us make ‘better’ out of the ‘good’? Is it true that security matters so much to all individuals that we would rather keep doing what is hated and not take a venture instead and turn it into something great?

Of course, not all ideas will be great. Not all businesses will flourish. But, some will. The more we allow these small businesses to grow, the more chances we have of survival. Say, if only 1 percent of all small businesses survive after 5 years of inception, then it is better to have 1000 small businesses than have only a 100. In the end, more will be able to flourish and a sense of competition and mutual collaboration will help all these surviving businesses grow well together.

The point again is- Is the spirit of entrepreneurship missing in India? Are we still clerks manufactured in the Montessori schooling system? Answer it. Maybe, we can see another small business in making? Maybe, another innovation, another great leader, another great philosopher, another great ‘you’…


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