I am not your Good Girl

Good girls never talk first

good girls never start the conversation

good girls never laugh out loud

good never never understand your dirty jokes

and even if they do

they won’t laugh as hard as your guy friend

but look on the floor and smile

Good girls never walk on the street alone

good girl never react

when a boy teases her while she is going back home

good girls prefer to avoid and ignore

good girls never fight back.

Good girls always listen to their parents

their brothers, their sisters

their friends, their boyfriends,

their younger siblings

their neighbors, their teachers

good girls never say no

Good girls are goddesses

they are used to fulfill demands

they are not worshiped my friend

they are pleased with fake remarks

to get real time benefits

to get some work done

or to simply work as wage-less labors

Good girls are meant to be loved

as idols, as ideals

Good girls are dolls

that do not have the right to speak

for her rights or against her exploitation.

Good girls are meant to fast

for their husbands, their children and who not

good girls are there because

her empty stomach is a guarantee

for our long life

Good girls will never speak a word

even if she is being beaten,

emotionally or physically

good girls will come back to the tyrant

and then be called

strong mentally.

Good girls are like humble cows

good girls are made to believe

that they are manifestations of Durga

she can ruin her enemies if she wants

but they take care that she never can.

Good girls are like golden pots filled

with milk and honey

good girls are also the manifestations of Lakshmi

yes, because they bring noticeable wealth

to the family of her husband, parmeshwar, bhagwan.

Good girls, they say that they are extinct

so that we all try be one

so that none of us goes beyond the laxman rekha

so that none of us can really be

who we want to be

so that they can again make us believe

that ideals are mere idols..

created, used and thrown in the dustbin.

I am not your good girl

please, take away these rituals

these traditions, these sayings

these ideals

I am no Sita,

I am not meek or humble

I am no Durga

I won’t kill

I am no Lakshmi

I am not a piece of my parent’s gold

I am nothing you believe

I am not your good girl

I understand all that you say and do

and trust me you will be shocked and scared

when you come to know

I know more than you do.

I am not your good girl

I won’t listen

I won’t ask for your filthy protection

that doesn’t let me even go out

and meet my friends

I don’t need no fear

to be aware of the big bad world

Fear is the word for animals

and i am no dog, no horse, no mule.

I am not your good girl

you may feel threatened by my presence

yes i have opinions and views of my own

and they are not shaped by any male in my life

yes, i do not say that i am a woman, love me

i always say, i am an individual, respect me.

I am not your good girl,

don’t count me as a part

of your bad books

you just need to relax

probably because you are too alarmed

my existence is a part of this world

i guess you need to bear me still

Come a little closer

there is nothing really wrong with me

but before you judge

let me make things a little clear

whatever opinions you have, good or bad

matter only to you and not to me

and if you can’t handle a girl like me

go and play with a barbie doll

she is exactly what you want

silent, quiet, plastic, fake

and certainly an object of your demand

or command… whatever.


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  1. Kamni says:

    loved it….:))

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