That Blush….

I never thought you will be around
Though I always wanted you to be there
I never wanted to be told how much I was loved
Somehow I needed it the most

I never wished to ‘fall’ in love
But a rose in full bloom was enough
To break the walls of uncertain resistance
It took only seconds to destroy
What I had been building for years

I never knew I was so capable of loving
I never knew I was the lover
Who asks nothing in return
Of endless love, mothering,
Pampering and what not.

I never had an idea that it felt so great
To let the river of love flow
I had made ‘dams’ to obstruct
The most natural, the most deeply rooted Emotion in me.

I could never ‘think’ of thinking about someone
During the day when I was awake
And dreaming about him at a time
When I normally used to sleep.

I had been feeling your love
Even before I knew you
I had been falling for you
Even before time introduced you
To me.

And now I leave the world behind
Move into your territory
And I blush and blush even more
When the world appears more beautiful When hailstorms feel like a flower bed
When minor pains feel like the ache of love

Time has changed or I have put on rose specs But it certainly feels a lot better
The point was to hear a voice
To be the heartbeat, the breath, the soul
I am your number one
The one you will always love
And I know I will always be…. 🙂


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