Life on loop..

Life on loop..

I dont quite understand why a few things keep on happening again and again. Its like your life is running on a loop. After every while you face the same challenges.. you lose the same relationships and you get to see the same side of life that you have been avoiding all through. But why?? Is it because it is destiny or is it simply because we have to eat the fruits of our karma? Maybe we never learnt a lesson when last time it all happenend. Maybe we simply let it go without hearing the ominous bell.

What bothers me is not that these things happen. What is the cause of my concern is the reason behind them. Are we all not progeressing towards a better life? Then why the same isues arise again and again? It seems quite a complicated thing. We all are not aware of what is happening around and all faces chose to remain the fake masks that they are. I recently experienced this with someone close. She had put on a heavy make up of false affection to cover up an act that she knew I would not like much. However, what hurted the most was not the fact that the act had been performed. It was a perfect denial that made me laugh like I was sick of crying.

These are small things and they keep in happening in life. There is no big deal about them. I was just wondering why I always come across shallow relationships… false claims and promises that are never to be fulfilled. I am not hurt.. I am just lost in deep thought… trying to find a fault… in me


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