Whats’s Wrong With The Boss?

Bosses are weird creatures, agree? They have this eerie sense of dominance even when nobody listens and a very submissive self that comes out at times. They are being thrashes, humiliated, abused and condemned by their employees in their mind. However, it seems that the bosses get stronger with each word of abuse. Whatever you say about your bosses might be true, but here is another take on what life is like when you are the boss. Things being explained from a ‘not so bossy’ humane perspective while digging the reasons why your boss behaves in a certain way.

They are always late to office– It is quite possible that you have to reach the office everyday at 9 or 10 am while your boss is frequently late and reaches around 12 or even 3 pm. You hate this so much, don’t you? You hate it when he reaches earlier and scolds you for being so careless. You really wish you could scold him back. However, if you look at things the other way, you will find that the poor chap reached office at 11 am instead of 9 am because he spent the last night working on a new project. Quite possibly, he was out of town for a day and had to travel the length or breadth of the country during his weekend to fetch a new deal. You don’t have to do all this. So, you can at least show some respect.

Your boss doesn’t have a life– we all say this all the time. But in reality, the boss actually doesn’t have a life. He is not spending enough time with his family and friends because he takes more workload than you do and he takes it all back home with him. He might be working 2 man days in 24 hours. Is there some pity that you feel for this little creature?

Your boss is always irritated– do you ever think how many times in a day do you get on his nerves? You might not be the only one who is demanding a day off. There are many others like you who need ‘rest’ because they are tired of working 24×7 or because its the 2nd day of your period or maybe because your partner has planned a special date. What do you do in this case? You immediately demand a holiday or finish off your work just for the heck of it. You know who has to bear all this? Its your boss and his mad sprees are just a reaction to your action.

P.S. all these conditions apply to only hardworking bosses like me. 😛

Jokes apart, bosses are like wives. They are never understood and rarely loved. Everybody wishes they had a better one like their friend’s and everybody feels empty without them. For those who hate their boss, please step into their shoes. You will get to know where exactly does it hurts. Maybe, i will get an employee version soon.


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