Image Matters…

A few days ago, I realized why you cannot get over the shadow of your ‘Image’. It doesn’t really matter what you want people to think about you. I have heard many people say that you must behave properly or believe in etiquette or any other hum bum of that sort. What I found was that you simply don’t handle the way people think about you. If they believe you are a culprit, you will never be considered innocent. If they believe you are innconet, they will never think that you can be the culprit. Remember, how your mother loves you blindly and believes you are inncoent even when a hundred people are trying to accuse you?

It is as simple as simplicity could be. “He believed I could never love him so when i said I did, it was just another sentence he heard”, she said. You know why this happened? It was because the boy had a perception about the girl which he will never be able to change. On the flip side, the girl too has a perception about the boy that someday he would listen and that day it would be too late to react. Isn’t this simply the way in which we ruin our relationships.

Basically, people are scared of change. Whoever said that first impression is the last impression must have been a lazy ass who did not understand the fact that all personalities are multi faceted and there can never be a single opinion that would be able to define any person on the planet. If you do the same, well, you are a fool too. Alas, most of us do exactly the same. W try to define ourselves and the people around us. The worst thing is that once the an opinion is formed, it gets stuck on our mind forever. Nobody even bothers to change.

My image? Well, it would really not like to describe myself. People say that I am a rudely friendly person and if you look at me for the first time, you would either think that I am a money mongering businessperson or a misfit ascetic in disguise It is only after a few days that you would realize that I am just an emotional writer. Nothing more, nothing less. Again, it is too late to change your perception and I usually don’t leave any stones unturned to make you believe that you were right. But why?

Why should we be bound in an image that is not our own? Why polish the mirror to extremes just so the blemishes on our faces (kindly take symbolically) are not visible? Why not make sure that the blemishes go away? Why not be proud of the scars that we have recieved and why not simply let them be?

Is this the first time that you are reading my blog? I am sure I am able to create an image that I know nothing about. If you are regular, then I am sure I was not able to change your perception about me. If I really did, the applause goes to you. You have risen above the ordinary.


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