Whatever Went Wrong With Politics

So, I didn’t blog much in 2013 and that’s okay. I never really realized how the past year went by. It looks like 2013 was the shortest year of my adult life. Something that went away faster than I realized. It seems that my Patiala trip in February happened about a 100 years ago. Meanwhile, I have been busy having a look at many political debates on TV these days (I am calling them ‘debates’ to ease your understanding). I was quite a curious soul and whatever I can see on the news channels these days is really baffling me. The point is that it definitely entertains me a lot and I have really lengthy political discussions with my mum.

Why am I writing all this? I have been quite amused these days. The rise of the Aam Admi Party, the rise of Narendra Modi, the (supposed) rise of Rahul Gandhi… all these things are amusing me. Let me first clarify that I am an aam admi myself. No one else is allowed to speak their mind because some people think that bloggers and thinkers have highly polarized views. So whatever went wrong with politics? It is sad to see the remarks the politicians are making these days. It is sad to see a Chief Minister demeaning the police force on the Republic Day function. Yes, they are wrong in many ways. But what you say and do appears more like a way to distract us from the real issues. It looks like you are trying to make us think about the things that you don’t own instead of the performance of the things that you own. I am not against you at all, but when I have a look at what all is being done and said, I am forced to believe things like this. It is sad to see that the ‘older’ and ‘oldest’ political party members are making horrible personal comments on each other. It is sad to see that we were looking for options outside the system which could bring a lot of anarchy.

Oh! Anarchist. I believe that there is some kind of a system in anarchy just like there is some kind of method in madness. How can you not be systematic? Don’t think I am blaming the AAP (solely), I am narrating the heartbreaking scenes I watch on TV. I think that politics needs to set her facts straight. She has entered the wrong lane this time. She needs to understand that people are not ready for any kind of drama. Of course, we listen to what you say in your rallies and political debates, but we are not ready to listen to lies. We want you to work for us. We want you to voice our concerns and behave in a way that you are expected to. It looks like all the parties look for the one who shouts the best and ask them to sit on these TV debates. Why? Why is this election about personal allegations and not about agendas? Where is an employment plan, an industry plan, an agriculture plan or even a good education plan? Who on earth is talking about them?

I have had quite a few headaches while watching these TV debates. They just shout and try not to let someone else speaks. When such a quarrel goes on, I listen and believe only the person who speaks calmly and doesn’t fight. I listen to the person who looks and behaves just. I am a part of the youth too. I am sure there are many people around like me who don’t listen to the loudest voice, but the most significant work done by the person. It is quite surprising to see that the election process is becoming polarized. We have focused most of our attention on people. One person per party. Yes, every party has a leader but not when it is about the Parliament. We would not vote directly for our Prime Minister, then why do we vote on the basis of one person. Am I ready to vote for a person who does nothing for my constituency just because his victory would ensure that someone specific would become the Prime Minister of the nation? Of course not.

Then there is a party that has to get over its dilemma. It needs to understand what people want and give it to them that way. Others are busy marketing themselves. If you can’t be a part of active marketing, you can still be subtly active with people in spaces where they like to engage with you. We want to know you as well. We want to hear from you and ask questions from you too. Why not be available? Talking about the new ‘options’ of our politics, I would only suggest that mass recruitment can come with a hell lot of problems for you. Every person who wears your ‘topi’ is responsible for making or breaking your party. So please, be a little more careful. Again, it is not a marketing campaign. It is not about meeting goals and boasting about the number of members you have around the nation. Trust me, people would take you more seriously if you do some good work, slowly expand yourself and then try to unite the nation in a slow but steady process of change. Maybe you would be a part of the parliament in huge numbers in the next 10 years if the ‘older’ and ‘oldest’ parties do not learn anything.

Anyone of us can go on and on about this discussion. The bottom line is that politics has definitely gone wrong somewhere. Be it the agitation or the resentment that people feel towards the government, the raucous behavior of all the options or the never changing condition of the local government and politics that you come across… there can be a lack of just means. Whoever wins the election, whether Gandhi, Modi or Kejriwal, the point is… what would we be getting in return? What would we win? Can anyone predict? No. Let’s wait and watch more…


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