Why Are You Unemployed Or Underemployed (Part 1)

What I am going to write may be called sad but I have been feeling like this ever since I first started hiring for my firm. It is quite obvious that the number of people I meet everyday through their applications is too damn high. However, what I find is that most of them are too unemployed or underemployed. Yes, they are! They would knock every door and try to find every opportunity to work and earn money. Unfortunately, even if their skills make then find a job, they would never be happy doing it and add yet another small job stint in their life which would never be added to their resume. Anyway, I do not wish to demean anyone. I just want to tell you why you could have possibly been underemployed or unemployed till date. You would certainly have to think twice or read this post twice to accept but yeah, I am just making an effort so that you can understand a few simple things and try to improve them.

1. You don’t have a goal- no , seriously. Right when we leave college we are enthusiastic about every single opportunity that comes our way. We do not have any idea of what we really want to do and why should we be doing a job. Our primary aim is to get a job instead of looking for the right one. This is a trend that would continue for the next 3-5 years. Yes, no matter how much education you have received on a particular subject, someday you might find yourself to be a misfit and might want to move on. Do you know why this happens? It is because you never really had a concrete career goal to follow and you would have to pay for it in the future.

2. You are knocking every door- are you an MBA in finance? Why are you looking for a job opportunity in customer relationships? Even if you are able to fetch a job for yourself with your degree, you would hardly be able to work well in this field. It would take a lot of time and effort for you to learn the basics of customer relationship management. It would be like a second schooling lesson. Do not knock every single door of opportunity and be specific. The more specific your approach, the better. Sure, it might take time but it would definitely be helping you find better opportunities. Finding axillary fields is also a good way to get into your own field but don’t increase your horizons so much that confusion becomes imminent.

3. You are not ready to put in the hard work- no matter what job you do, no matter if you like it or not, if you have to earn money and become a fruitful employee to any organisation, you have to work hard. There is simply no alternative to hard work. If you believe that you would be able to do the easier job and earn good money, you would definitely be heading to a road that leads to the cliff. In any job, no matter how big or small, it is only hard wok that matters. Even if you land up at your favourite job, you would have to spend your fuel to get to the top and maintain your position. Personally, I prefer someone who is honest and ready to improve rather than someone who is skilled yet lacks perseverance. A lot of HR managers are also looking for someone like this.

More reasons and viewpoints in the next post.


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