Making An Entire Generation Feel Inadequate

Even if you are a couple of years younger to me, I don’t think we belong to the same generation. We are so different. There is hardly anything common between us. It is like looking at an entirely new generation of kids. We 90s kids are still recovering from the phase of extreme technological developments. We are the last generation that actually played out in the dirt without wondering about germs and which hand-wash to use. We are the last generation that was not bombarded with the most emotionally charged advertising messages when we were 5 or 8 years old.

Yes, advertisement existed then too but how easily we would skip the channel and move to something else. These days, it is practically impossible to avoid advertisement. There is hardly any empty space, virtually or in reality. If there is virtual space, the advertisements would fill it up and if there is land left in the country, our government would acquire it. Wow! what a beautiful time to be alive.

An entire generation is being made to feel like they are imperfect. My generation is finding new ways to make them ‘look’ perfect. Nobody has the time to ‘be’ perfect. Knowledge? Who needs that when you have a great body and a better face. Pouting is easier than reading a book.

So am I whining about the things that don’t exist anymore? No, I am talking about things that are affecting our children. I wonder if my children will be born in a world where technology consumption has reached dangerous limits. I wonder if they will never play out in the sun. I know I can manage to tell my children that playing out is good but how will I tell them that they are not as inadequate as the advertising industry makes them feel. How will I tell them that they look beautiful?

How will I tell them that nothing in the world should ruin their confidence? How will I make them believe that being judgmental is okay, but but judging everyone all the time is not okay. How will I tell my children that they are adequate? How will I tell them that life is not about being taller, stronger and sharper? How will I tell them that they need to achieve heights in life without worrying about how they look? How will I tell them how to differentiate between reality and a false world that we are being made to live in?

I do not want my kids to fall into a honey trap of good looks, chiseled bodies and a consistent pressure for performance. I want them to just live their life. I want them to live within humble means. I want them to use technology but only to make them gain knowledge. I want my children to learn that they are not slaves to technology. They should use technology and this technology should not use them.


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