Political Mishaps- Where Are We Headed

The past few days have been very entertaining for anyone who follows politics, except for the last one. The sad suicide of a farmer who wanted to gain the attention of his leader is the greatest political mishap that i have ever encountered. It might be wrong to say that the farmer was a part of some great political conspiracy. I do not know whether he was or not. However, what is unfortunate is the remark made by AAP leader Ashutosh. This man has been devoid of all sensitivity and it appears that his party certainly follows his footsteps. Have you ever got to know what is happening inside the party? Of course, it is always out on the news. However, the real intentions of the AAP party were never known to us. Now, we get to see that there is a party that can go for a rally for farmers but not do anything when a farmer is committing suicide right in front of their eyes. What an amazing sarkar Delhi has. Have they committed a grave mistake again? Who knows….

Coming back to what I started the post with. Rahul Gandhi is back. Looks like he got his mojo from Bangkok and the Vipassana meditation that engaged in. Great!  I have always felt that there is a massive void when it comes to leaders in India. Though Rahul Gandhi was never quite present when he was needed, I have always believed that he is a sincere and honest man and is genuinely wishing to do something. I dont how he will get the results that he wants but yes, I would definitely not mind is Rahul Gandhi polishes himself a little more and then runs for the Prime Minister. It would be a great sight to witness nonetheless. Currently, after he is done with an amazing session at the Lok Sabha, I hope that he does something really concrete for the farmers. A rally, a padyatra or even an anshan would be great. It would make me and thousands of farmers around the country believe that he believes in their cause and is wishing to stand with them through thick and thin. You, Mr. Gandhi, if you prove to be this man, you will never lose the vote and confidence of people in India. There is still a long way to go.

Finally, we have to talk about the party in power- BJP. There is something wrong in the way BJP has come to power. Of course, I am not crying foul on the way that elections have been conducted. People had faith in Modi and this is why they voted BJP to power. However, what BJP MPs say and do is quite natural for them. When people belonging to the great Sadhu heritage become hungry for power (and more for attention), they say things that do not suit the saffron of their robes. Is this not what BJP has always been doing? As far as I can see, the RSS and every other Hindu organisation that was associated with BJP will certainly feel disenchanted with this government. The people have already started doing so.

I saw a small GIF on Twitter where Modi tried to shake hands with the German Chancellor and she ignored him completely. I felt really sad at this. Even though I am not a staunch Modi supporter, i felt bad because he is the PM of our nation and he should be respected when he is outside the country. However, then Modi visited Canada and called our nation ‘Scam India’. It felt like a double blow to the Indian who is already waiting for her ‘visiting Prime Minister’. If you don’t respect the nation that you belong to, no one else is going to respect you. Tit for tat, just not in that order. Meanwhile, the farmer is dead. His body has reached Dausa and the body of Indian journalism is still rotting in the rain of commercialism. God bless us!


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